bye bye birdie!


i  have given in and decided to transfer over to tumblr.  i don’t know how it happened.  we were just friends- i swear!  if you are an avid follower of the blog and would like to continue reading about what i, little j dawg, has to say i strongly suggest that you click on this link:

if you don’t care either way that’s fine too, just expect a bag of flaming cat poo on your doorstep. (just kidding..?)

wordpress has treated me well, we shall see if tumblr does the same…



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ants in your pants!

project for 1.5.11

preserve your protein!

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the birds

project for 1.4.11

it just looked as if it had rained birds.

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new year, new deal!

since it is a new year i figure i will switch up the format of this blog for a hot minute.  for this month and this month only i will be a  resident artist for this cool blog called  sooooo instead of reading about my amazeballs life and all the super duper smart things i have to say i will be posting a link to my art projects.  DON’T WORRY.  the artsy fartsiness will only last for 1 month so get ready because here is your first link!

click me for more!

ps- all items (unless noted otherwise) are for sale– just drop me a line if you’re interested!

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foot on the loose!

this is what happens when you get a pedicure before the holidays:


 just so you’re all in the know it is in fact a burlesque (the movie) themed nail color called: simmer and shimmer.


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you know it’s the holidays when…

you see big bird hustling on fifth avenue.

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FAIL 2010

who has 2 thumbs and sat on her glasses yesterday?


maybe they can be opera glasses?

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holla back!

today is the day the girlfriends celebrate our friendship.  it all started freshman year of college when a passive aggressive dorm mate wrote the most amazing note ever.  it went something like this:

this is a reproduction. NOT the real thing.

 (to keep this amazing letter writer anonymous i have shown only the first and last letters of her name.  and no, you will never guess what it is)

we obviously thought these series of letters were hilarious so we decided to make 12/17 our friendship holiday (because we’re awesome).  this year we celebrated with moustaches, the most delicious dinner ever (at fatty ‘cue–you NEED to go), and friend-pons. 

work it.

FRIEND-PONS?! WHAT ARE THOSE?!  they’re coupons for your friends (obviously).  instead of breaking the bank and shopping why not make coupons specially catered to your friends?!  they’re free, they’re fun, they’re friend-pons! 

i got my pons!

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bighead todd & the monsters

one day i was wandering around with the girlfriends in chelsea market when we ran into this guy at anthropologie:

what up, dawg?

at first i thought he was just a dude wearing a crazy hat.  but then i did some googling and discovered that matthias alfen is in fact a sculptor.  he creates these wearable sculptures that are kind of like mascot costumes– but way cooler.  click here to see his sculptures hanging out with everyday people like you and me! 

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girl on wire

pedal to the metal!

when life gives you a chance to ride a high wire bicycle you take that chance!

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